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30 Reasons to Start a Blog for your Online Business

Blogs are a powerful way of increasing traffic and profits for your online business.  When done correctly, they can help you get close to your customers, promote your brand and do wonders to your bottom line. While working on an article on how to create a blog for an online business, I brainstormed reasons why a blog is actually a benefit.  The list was somewhat comprehensive so decided to publish my thoughts.  Enjoy!


1. Promote Company Values

Your blog will help your audience gauge who you are, what your company represents and the values that it has.  The pride you take in your business will show in your blog and attract attention.

2. Increase Reputation

Having a successful blog that posts quality articles frequently will increase your online status.  Your audience will grow and people will look at your content with respect.


3. Customer Feedback

Comments left at the end of your articles will provide you with information that you may not otherwise gain from your customers.  These comments will start discussions, increase content and attract additional members.

4. Insight into Products and Policies

The feedback you receive from your blog comments may give you insights into what people are after.  If you review your own products, promote new lines or talk about things important to your online business, the information you get back may help you take new directions or order alternate products in the future.

5. Authority in your Field

By posting articles about things in your industry, covering recent news and discussing topics that your company feels strongly about, your blog, and coincidentally, your company or brand will be evolve into an authority in a field.

6. Expresses Opinions

While running an online business you’re often making decisions and these decisions will never make everyone happy.  By expressing your reasons and talking to your customers through your blog, you’ll help explain business directions and stay close to your audience.  For example, “We’ve pulled the recent popular product because we felt it did not meet our quality standards.”

7. Helpful to People

Product reviews, helpful tips and other insightful posts will benefit your customers in various ways.  I’ve seen blogs discuss packaging options and watched people share heartfelt stories about products that were addressed.

8. Builds Audience

The people who frequent your blog will also know much about your products and the larger the audience, the more potential for word-of-mouth sales.

9. Promote Interaction with Customers

Blogs promote interaction.  They can cover practically any topic that relates to your online business and the feedback you receive can get the audience involved.  Once your blog generates an audience the interaction between people can make new customers feel more confident about doing business with you.

10. Keeps you Active

Creating regular blog posts keeps you active and your blog changing. Frequently added posts will increase your audience’s interest in your blog and the associated online business.  In addition, staying on top of your posts will keep you connected to your users and will often spark ideas that can help run your site.

11. Builds Connections

As your blog grows you will most certainly develop connections with some of your audience.  You will see who the champions are and find ways to interact with them. Bloggers frequently leave feedback with links to their blogs.  By following these links and writing your own feedback, you can network with other bloggers and build connections that would be difficult to find without a blog.

12. Networking

You may find yourself approached by other bloggers in your industry who would like you to write a guest article or answer some questions.  These are great opportunities as these articles will sit on other blogs and attract traffic and audience members back to your blog.  This networking between bloggers greatly helps increase your blogs standing.

13. Address Issues

A blog can address issues that you may sometimes run into.  For example, let’s say that you run out of a certain in-demand product.  Writing an article about the issue and apologizing to your audience will not only alleviate some of your customer’s frustration, but it may inadvertently promote the product further by drawing attention to its popularity.  Your blog may actually sell more of the product when it becomes available again simply by pointing out its popularity.

14. Share Buttons

Adding social media share buttons to your posts can help spread the word about your posts and in turn draw traffic back to both your brand and your core business.  No matter what type of online business you have, you should always add share buttons to any pages that users may want to let other people know about.  Blog posts are no exception.  If your topic is interesting, people will be more than happy to share your content with the rest of the online world.

15. Provides Facebook Content

Each time you create a blog entry you can post it to your Facebook wall. This not only gives you added content for your Facebook page but also helps direct your Facebook traffic to your blog.

16. Tweeting Your Posts

Twitter is an excellent way to advertise your blog and if you’re using a platform such as WordPress, you can use plug-ins that will automatically tweet your older posts to keep traffic coming back to your site.

17. Promotion and Targeting

Blogs are broken down into Categories and each category can address different topics and attract different audiences.  Directing posts in these categories towards various sections of your site can improve sales through targeting.

18. Promotes Products

Don’t be afraid to write in-depth articles about individual products or services. Avoid advertising every single product but do try to inform users about features and things that you find important.  Focus on things that aren’t commonly known and your insights will drive sales.

19. Increases Content

Each blog post you publish will increase the amount of content that you make available on the internet.  This is additional content for your audience and for search engines.  Each post is a potential candidate for an organic search result and each post will draw its own traffic to your blog.

20. Increased Traffic

Blog + Website = Total Traffic.  No matter how you look at it, unless your blog is generating zero page visits, you’re adding to your business’s overall traffic.  Adding links from your blog back to your main site will funnel that traffic and increase your potential for sales.

21. Increased Keywords

Increased content means increased keywords.  If you effectively sprinkle your keywords into your blog, as you should be doing, then you’re effectively improving your SEO.

22. Viral Potential

Blog posts have a tendency to go viral.  A blog post picked up by an A-list blogger, celebrity or any number of other sites can generate incredible traffic in a short burst of time.  These types of posts are usually rare but they do occur.  It’s fairly uncommon for an online business site to go viral unless you sell a unique product or service that becomes incredibly popular.  Blogs however are much more prone to getting traffic peaks.

23. Advertising and Affiliates

If your business model allows for the posting of advertisements then adding ads to your blog can convert your blog’s traffic into some additional income.  You’re free to choose whatever advertising method works best for you, whether that is affiliate advertising, sponsored ads or AdSense.

24. Self-Promotion

If you prefer to stay away from advertising outside sites on your blog, you can always create your own product banners and advertise your own online business on your blog.  Create banners for new products, services or direct traffic to recent events or certain sections of your main site.

25. Brand Recognition

The repeated use of your brand in your blog posts increases recognition. Not only is your brand showing up in your posts, but each new post gets added to your Facebook wall, is tweeted any number of times and talked about in your feedback section.  The combined outreach can be phenomenal.

26. Access Alternate Sources of Traffic

Your blog should be listed in blog directories and will come up in search engine blog results.  Unless your main site is a blog as well, these are all new locations of the internet that will help draw untapped traffic.

27. Easier Start-up

Platforms such as WordPress are trusted by major search engines and easily indexed.  If you launch your main site and its related blog simultaneously, you will often notice that the blog will generate faster traffic given the same marketing strategies.

28. Blog Interconnection

Interconnecting your blog posts with various pages on your main website can have great benefits.  Let’s say that you created an article on return packaging, you can then link to the blog post from your Returns page.  Don’t let your blog replace a help section but use it to add value to your site and increase inter-site linking.

29. Increases Profit

Blogs can be very successful money-making sites.  Adding advertising, sponsors or even your own product increases to your advertising portfolio can increase profits.

30. Enjoyment

A blog can be fun – especially if you enjoy writing, are sociable and have numerous ideas.  Your blog can be enjoyable to create and the interaction you have with your audience can both teach you new things and help you build strong connections with people in your industry.

Again, these ideas stemmed from a simple brainstorm so I’m sure I’ve either missed some points or have overstated others.  Let me know if you think of anything that I missed and I’ll be sure to add them to the list. Please comment below!

Original Article By: Chris Newald

Posted By: Jeff Pulvino


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