20Feb 2012

  While many of the tips on blog resource sites concentrate on “personal blogging”, many can be transferred to a more business-minded blog. Yet what about corporate blogs, where many of the tips given might not apply, or come up against everyone’s favourite, the Red Tape Roadblock? Can generic tips apply to more organizational blogs? […]

15Nov 2011

Receiving feedback from customers, clients and partners is absolutely vital to the life of a any business. Businesses who don’t listen will meet needs that don’t exist and businesses who do that don’t last very long. Unfortunately businesses often attempt to limit the feedback mechanisms made available to their community. While I understand the temptation, […]

24Oct 2011

Blogs are a powerful way of increasing traffic and profits for your online business.  When done correctly, they can help you get close to your customers, promote your brand and do wonders to your bottom line. While working on an article on how to create a blog for an online business, I brainstormed reasons why a […]