Social Media

22Feb 2013

Boasting over 100 million registered users, Instagram has garnered tremendous success by allowing users to upload and share personal photos with their social networks. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is not only used as a social networking tool amongst friends, but it is also a valuable tool for businesses to incorporate into their marketing […]

04Dec 2012

Following the retail frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your company stands to gain from a tailored social media campaign which brings the holiday cheer to consumers.  Starbucks has created its “Starbucks Holiday Village” as an interactive experience where customers can send gift cards to friends, and share holiday experiences and pictures with their […]

20Feb 2012

Pinterest seems to be the hottest new network recently, with social media types spouting their advice on how to use it all over the internet. We’ve taken a moment to look at how it can be used by brands on the platform. Pinterest for Brands is a special membership feature that allows users to advertise […]

24Nov 2011

                            We have a lot to be thankful for not the least of which is YOU, my friends, followers, members and readers. I want to let each of you know I am thankful for all of you that shares and contributes to my […]

23Nov 2011

Klout has caught a lot of flak lately about privacy and much more. To which they’ve responded by allowing users to opt-out of data collection. If you already have a profile, the company says you can delete it. But Hollis Tibbits of Social Media Today says that Klout isn’t allowing users to delete profiles after […]

15Nov 2011

Receiving feedback from customers, clients and partners is absolutely vital to the life of a any business. Businesses who don’t listen will meet needs that don’t exist and businesses who do that don’t last very long. Unfortunately businesses often attempt to limit the feedback mechanisms made available to their community. While I understand the temptation, […]