November 23, 2011 / by Jeff

Klout’s Not Deleting Profiles? Not So Fast

Klout has caught a lot of flak lately about privacy and much more. To which they’ve responded by allowing users to opt-out…

November 15, 2011 / by Jeff

10 Ways To Increase Feedback Via Your Business Blog

Receiving feedback from customers, clients and partners is absolutely vital to the life of a any business. Businesses who don’t listen will…

November 11, 2011 / by Jeff

Google launches ‘Google For Veterans’ to honor Veterans Day

Today, Google announced a site called Google For Veterans, that provides tools and assistance for those men and women that fought and…

November 7, 2011 / by Jeff

How Well Do You Listen and Engage With Your Customers?

Increasingly, businesses are turning to social media as part of their marketing mix. There is a smattering of Facebook, a Twitter account…

November 7, 2011 / by Jeff

How Can Google+ Help Businesses?

So, just how exactly can Google + help businesses? To answer this question, we may need to monitor the successes and challenges…

November 3, 2011 / by Jeff

10 Realistic Rewards of Social Media

  “Social media has become mass media. It’s the oldest form of marketing—word of mouth—with the newest form of technology.” ~Marc Pritchard,…

November 3, 2011 / by Jeff

Will Job Postings On Facebook Compete With LinkedIn

  Facebook recently announced that it will be teaming up with Department of Labor and a handful of career agencies to help…

November 3, 2011 / by Jeff

The Corporate Battle over Facebook Likes!

  I read an article yesterday in which another blogger was depicting a story about one of his larger clients. “A famous…

November 1, 2011 / by Jeff

The Future Of Business To Business Marketing: Content Marketing

While generating leads remains the number one objective for business to business marketing folks, the method by which they are generating those…

October 31, 2011 / by Jeff

What Does Halloween Have To Do With Your Brand’s Story?

                                    Yes, it’s me…the one…

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