Social Media

28Jul 2011

Remember the original Pringles mantra “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop?”  The now out of date statement still holds true in many ways for the Pringles Facebook page where fans just can’t contain their excitement for the brand.  Pringles  has more than 14 million fans and counting coupled with constantly high engagement rates.  This summer’s theme for the brand’s […]

24Jul 2011

If you have a pulse, there is a good chance that you’ve heard the buzz about Google’s latest foray into the world of social networking. Their new offering is called Google + (that’s pronounced “Google Plus”) and at first blush, it seems to have hit the mark. Although the new social network is still in closed beta […]

24Jul 2011

For those of you who are tired of seeing Justin Bieber top these charts, take heart. Not only did he not make it this week, but pioneer geneticist Gregor Mendel did. Sort of. Mendel was honored with a Google Doodle last week that propelled Google to a top trend on Twitter, which got people talking about Mendel. […]

22Jul 2011

Some of the biggest company/brand accounts on Google+ have now — finally, some might say — been removed. The Google Plus pages for Mashable, Ford and Sesame Streetare all gone. Our own Search Engine Land page has also been removed. Mashable was, according to, the No. 4 most popular account on Google+ with more […]