17Jun 2013

Each industry has its own jargon; terms that people who work in the field use as a natural second language, but that other people are unfamiliar with. Digital marketing and social media management is no different. Almost every week I speak with clients about web design, online metrics or analytics, and social media strategy and […]

04Mar 2013

Writing for your business can be challenging. Treading the line between being inappropriate and being dull is not always easy. You want to keep your readers engaged while simultaneously sharing important information about your field or your company and its services or products.  Don’t fret; there are some practices that you can implement to make […]

06Jan 2012

Klout is to Influence what Google is to search. You can use Klout.com to determine how much influence you have online, how to change your level of influence, and identify other influencers to network with. Like Google, Klout uses a complex algorithm (factors, weights, and criteria) to calculate your Klout. Once you understand this, you […]

04Jan 2012

Via Scoop.it – Social Media Help This afternoon at the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits Annual Conference, I attended another great session called “Social Media Technology: How to Raise Money, Recruit Volunteers, and Spread Your Message” by Chris Meade, COO of NPower,…Via www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com