Jeff Pulvino has been a CEO, built, managed and consulted with numerous corporations in various fields of industry for over 20 years. His experience of business ownership and consulting ranges from; Mortgage, Real Estate, Auto Dealerships, Patented Products, Software, Professional Services, Healthcare, Call Centers, Construction, and Social Media.

Jeff is proficient in most all aspects of Business Management, Operations, Start-Ups, Marketing, Sales, Motivation and Training. He brings vision to a business in his ability to “think outside the box.” He can innovate beyond the paradigms of a company’s self-limiting belief systems. Given his breadth of diversity he can a quickly assess a business’s strong and weak points, developing a strategic plan to reach your long-term goals.

Some examples of what Jeff can help you with….

– Expanding your business
– Increasing revenues
– Improving your ROI
– Creating a more productive environment
– Maximizing your infrastructure flow
– Hiring better employees
– Increasing customer satisfaction
– Connecting more with your clients
– Getting a new business started
– Branding your company
– Protecting your reputation
– Establishing a social media presence
– Changing the limiting paradigms of your organization
– Motivating your employees
– Being more adept, decisive & innovative

If you are looking for a consultant that will understand all aspects of your business, and how to take it to the next level, then contact Jeff Pulvino today.