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Why Companies Choose Me

My experience of business ownership and consulting ranges from Mortgage, Real Estate, Auto Dealerships, Patented Products, Software, Professional Services, Healthcare, Call Centers, Construction, and Social Media. My passion and core characteristics helps me thrive in any aspect of the business and motivates me to keep innovating beyond the paradigms of a company’s self-limiting belief systems.

Business Knowledge and Acumen

With years of understanding a wide range of business disciplines, I make sure our strategic plans are optimized and no efforts go to waste.

Active Listener

Understanding your organization involves listening. My approach emphasizes on uncovering missing key skills and attitudes and learning stronger delegation tools. 


I create a positive attitude in the people around me and I make sure that my team is always heard. 


I’m here not to sell you what you think you need but to tell you what I can do for you and hopefully it will align with your needs. 


Working with uncertainty and testing boundaries enhances my ability to keep expanding my areas of expertise even further.

Analytical Problem Solver

Given my breadth of diversity, I can quickly assess a business’s strong and weak points, thereby making opportunities and challenges more manageable.  

About Me

My success in several start-ups has benchmarked proven and tested strategies making it easier for me to guide you throughout each step of the process and implement recommendations that yields better performance.

Having experienced all aspects of operations and having been involved with product development and marketplace knowledge, I can equip you with inspiration and work out to get your analytical and marketing tools in place to help you drive growth and realize your potential. Your opportunities are assessed with great precision and your limits are expanded as a by-product of my career spent in all aspects of operations including sales, marketing, project management, organizational process development, and infrastructure expansion.

What I Offer

You have big dreams for your business but you don't have to do all the hard work to get your brand out there.


Are you about to start a new business or expand one? With my years of experience in entrepreneurship, we can work together on identifying common challenges and measuring the performance in order to develop strategies that gets big results.

Public Speaking

You can’t instantly learn how to communicate effectively to make an impact to your organization but through keynote speaking or a training program, I can direct you how to use different styles, work on your strengths and do your best in both.  

Strategic Marketing

I bring together my expertise and knowledge to realize your potential, help you generate innovative ideas and develop an understanding of successful marketing that is aligned to your goals, philosophies and business principles.

Branding and Corporate Identity

Discover your vision and together we can develop the identity you have always dreamed about. I turn fast-paced advances in technology into an opportunity to keep your business model effective and make sure  you are “one step ahead” of the game.

Looking for the right consultant?

Sharing ideas and discussing opportunities is not a time wasted. Find out and see if we're the right fit.

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