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Five Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics

Do you think social media isn’t for B2B organizations? Think again. It’s true B2B tends to be slower to adopt new trends. But social media is now mainstream and we have proof B2B companies are generating demand and getting leads using it.

We set out to find the top five B2B social media statistics. We had some parameters:

  • We wanted to find recent research no older than last year. The social landscape changes so rapidly we wanted the latest research we could get.
  • We wanted a variety of different sources – not just from digital marketing agencies with a vested interest in promoting social media.
  • We also wanted more than just two or three statistics.

Top B2B Social Media Statistics

With that said, here is what we rounded up:

  1. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not. Source: Hubspot, State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report, 2010
  2. 69% of B2B marketers are shifting their budgets toward social media. Source: MarketingSherpa, October 2010
  3. 41% of B2B companies are acquiring customers through Facebook. Source: Hubspot, State of Inbound Marketing Report, 2011
  4. 86% of B2B companies are using social media, compared to 82% of B2C companies. Source: White Horse, March 2010
  5. Social media helps B2B marketers improve search results. Source: BtoB Magazine, July 2010

What does this mean for B2B organizations? You must absolutely be where your customers are – and increasingly your customers are spending time on social networks.

Follow Your Customers

“But wait,” you say. “I’m an industrial B2B manufacturer. What’s a Facebook page supposed to do for me?” Social media isn’t just Facebook. Facebook might not be right for your business, though it is for Steel Master Buildings, a manufacturer of prefabricated steel buildings for industrial use. They have a highly successful and effective Facebook page. Keep the fundamentals in mind: Identify where your customers are first and then choose the right social channel.

In some cases, YouTube might be a better venue. Think about highlighting the benefits of your complex industrial product through a series of YouTube videos. Then equip your sales force to use the videos as a sales tool. If the videos are smart, fun, and even humorous – gasp! – your sales reps can share them with prospects as a way to get their foot in the door. Take a look at what Kinaxis, a supply chain risk management company, did with theirYouTube video.

Does your B2B company have a social strategy? What’s holding you up?

Original article by: Chad Wiebesick

Posted by: Jeff Pulvino


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