November 16, 2011 / by Jeff

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO….It’s a QR Code on COW??

This has to be one of the most interesting uses of a QR code I have ever seen. A farmer living in rural France wants to sell his dairy products direct to the public. His biggest problem was that advertising signs and poster boards are strictly forbidden to maintain the prestigious and natural look of the beautiful countryside.  They also had a very small budget for marketing, so they where very limited on what they could do to promote their farm and the products. Until Gildas Le Béhoc and a technology minded friend came up with the brilliant idea of putting QR Codes on the cows! (Video below) Now if that wasn’t clever enough, to help the story become viral they added an interactive game where if you reveal three cows you will win some free dairy products from the farm. What a great idea! Now the story has made it half way around the world.


Article written and posted by: Jeff Pulvino, Social Media Consultant located in Sacramento, CA

Have you used QR codes in your marketing strategy? I would challenge that just about anything going to print these days could or should have a QR code on it somewhere! We have been using them with clients for about the last 9 months with huge sucesses. How about you, do you  have a QR code use or story you would like to share?




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