November 16, 2011 / by Jeff

How to Create a Google+ Profile Banner in 5 Minutes

1. Google+ Profile Photo Banners

Customize the Google+ banner at the top of your profile to represent your business or personal brand.


2. Head to offers a simple way to chop up a photo into five banner-optimized mini-pics to add to your profile. For best results start with an image that’s already 685 x 125 pixels.


3. Save Your Pics

Once you’ve upload your photo, hit “Render,” then right click each image to save. Do make sure you label each pic so you remember their correct order. You’ll be glad to know that GPlusBanner doesn’t add a watermark to your pics, unlike other services.

4. Change Your Profile Pic

Now head over Google+ and click the “Edit profile” icon at the top-right of your profile. If you also want to change your profile pic at this point, select “Change photo” under the current image.


5. Add Your New Scrapbook Images

Now click “Add some photos here” and upload your five images in left-to-right order.


6. Save Your Changes

Ensure the images’ privacy level is set to public (it may already default to “Anyone on the web”), then hit save.


7. Voila!

A personalized Google+ photo banner for your profile in no time at all.

Original Article Written By Amy Mae Elliot via Mashable

Posted By: Jeff Pulvino, Social Media Consultant located in Sacramento, CA


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