October 24, 2011 / by Jeff

Notes on Falling in Love with @DrPepper All Over Again

I spend a lot of time trying to interact with brands on Twitter. I choose those words carefully, because I typically never get a response. My tweets tend to fall on blind eyes and disappear. If it’s rare to find a brand that regularly responds to negative “problem tweets” from disgruntled consumers, it’s nearly impossible to find one that regularly responds to tweets that are positive. After all, if I tell a brand I love them on Twitter, why respond? The work’s already done.

Luckily, there is (at least) one Twitter account that doesn’t live by this flawed logic, a brand that prides itself on responding to nearly every tweet it gets, despite the nature of the content. I’m talking, as you may have guessed by now, about @DrPepper. For the purposes of full disclosure, I must admit I’ve been madly in love with this drink since I was very little. It’s a storybook relationship that grew and grew over time, culminating in the creation of a massive paper mache volcano that spewed Diet Dr. Pepper at my high school graduation party. Yes, I’m serious, and yes, it was stunningly beautiful.

Anyway, the other day, I tweeted Dr. Pepper after a disappointing trip to the vending machine. I had, perhaps irrationally, hoped to find Dr. Pepper’s newest drink (the game-changing Dr. Pepper Ten) among the ‘regulars.’ I didn’t, so, knowing Dr. Pepper had absolutely nothing to do with it, I tweeted them just for fun:

Fellow Fueler Adam Okrasinski was the first to respond. Naturally, I responded right away.

Normally, this would be the end of the conversation. After all, you’ll notice we didn’t even mention Dr. Pepper in the subsequent tweets. But it wasn’t. @DrPepper must have been keeping tabs on our back-and-forth, because it continued:

Enter sarcasm. A double dose, within five seconds of each other. Another great exit point for a brand. But @DrPepper pressed on.

Again, I was just joking. Satisfied with the way the conversation ended, I moved on to engage with the day’s trending topics… until I received my private message.

What? After all I put Dr. Pepper through, knowing they had no say in what kinds of soda entered our vending machine? Surely, they were kidding. But I sent them my address nevertheless, and went about my business. That was only two days ago. And this is what I received in the mail today:

Incredible, and to boot?

Two coupons for 12-packs of Dr. Pepper for Adam and I… just in time for my birthday (which is tomorrow, if you must know). Brands: take a good look at Dr. Pepper’s social strategy. If they were able to turn a Dr. Pepper lover into a dedicated, lifelong advocate in a single afternoon, I’m sure they’ve done the same to countless others. This is how you get social. But if you’re still not convinced… guess what I had for breakfast today? Dr. Pepper (really). Lunch? Dr. Pepper. Mid-afternoon snack? Dr. Pepper. And it’s looking like there will be some Dr. Pepper at dinner. They have more than won me over.

Follow @DrPepper for an experience that’ll restore your faith in, well, almost everything.

Original Article By: Luke Kingma
Posted By:  Jeff Pulvino


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