May 29, 2013 / by Sureena Johl

Psychology in Business

Ever wonder why you see the color red in most restaurants? Or why the candy in the checkout line of a grocery store is so low to the ground?  Many businesses have turned to psychology to influence their customers into feeling and acting in a certain way. Subtle choices in office color, furniture, and overall setup could take your place of business from a deserted space to a workplace no one can stay away from. Below I will discuss three ways you can use the power of psychology to benefit your business.


Psychology in BusinessColor is a great way to send a discrete yet powerful message about your business. Different hues have the power to draw out different emotions from clients and can alter a customer’s perception. The color red entices an appetite, while shades of blue curb hunger and encourage calm feelings.  Yellow is used to inspire energy, but can have an irritating undertone.  Dark purple reminds people of royalty while lavender soothes and relaxes. McDonald’s is a great example of color placement in that they have done extensive research to support their logo and space; and their color scheme seems to work flawlessly to their benefit. Drawing customers in using the color red in their logo and in the bricks of their building creates a hungry audience that will be sure to spend money. Because they have many customers to serve, they have to ensure there is nobody lingering in their lobby, which is why they have employed yellow to slightly irritate the eyes. Why stay somewhere that makes you uncomfortable when you can move on to the next event of the day? Subway sets themselves apart from the rest of the fast food restaurants by using green in their branding. Green promotes health and well being, encouraging people to choose a perceived healthier choice over its greasy competitors. For an office setting, it is best to use the color blue to decorate the walls since it is proven to increase productivity and decrease distraction.  Keep the ceilings white in all of your business places to give the illusion of extra space and to keep anyone from feeling closed in. For more about the influence of color in your work and living spaces, refer to this great infographic about the power of color.


Believe it or  not, the furniture chosen for a work place can say a lot about a company. Whether you choose a large, comfy couch for your lobby or small, wooden chairs for your desks, you have the power to influence the mood of incoming clients. chairIf you invest in comfortable chairs for waiting rooms, conference halls, and negotiating tables, you invite your guest to get comfortable and to stay a while. This can be beneficial during a sales pitch when you want your customer to stay as long as possible and to learn all about your company. When using this method, it is important to note that using too comfortable of furniture, such as a reclining couch or chair, can lead to a very relaxed state, making it difficult to stay focused. Make sure to find a happy medium, in which your client feels welcomed but is still focused. If your business is fast moving, it can be beneficial to employ stiffer chairs to encourage people to move along with their day. Wooden and plastic chairs can be seen at most fast food chains to hurry you out the door and in places like the DMV and Doctors’ offices where they want you to be prepared for when your name or number is called. Be sure to really think about the goal of your business set up and choose furniture with the right amount of comfort and professionalism.

Product Placement|

Product placement is a lot more than subtly placing your brand in a scene of a box office hit. Product placement needs to start at home. It is important to put your product or service in perfect view of your target audience. There is a reason the candy display near the checkout isle of your local grocery store is positioned so low. The target audience for these last minute snacks is the children that many men and women bring out while shopping. By putting these enticing treats at the perfect eye level for children, they are more likely to grab what they want and pester their guardian into make an impromptu purchase. In a similar fashion, many large brand names pay big bucks to put their product on eye level shelves in the grocery store. For this reason, people are more likely to grab what’s right in front of them instead of looking around for a non-brand, lower cost alternative.  Many people don’t want to hunt for a necessity, so use it to your advantage. If it is products you are selling, set up your business in a fashion that puts your best sellers and highlighted goods up front and center. If your company offers services, make sure that you decorate your office with certificates, testimonials, products, and menus to make sure the information you want your customer to know is obvious and transparent. You have the power to choose where to place goods; make it easy for the customer.


As you can see, planning the set-up of a business can be a lot more than getting an interior designer’s second opinion. Set your place up for success by applying these three tips and watch as your bottom line grows!


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