August 25, 2011 / by Jeff

Skype Launches an App Store

Jumping on the app store bandwagon, Skype haslaunched a directory of third party applications that can be added to the Internet telephony service.

Most of the apps are geared toward businesses users, while a few are for personal use. The directory features just under 25 apps, whose functionality includes things like call recording, screen sharing and integrations with third party services.

The most frequently downloaded app at the moment is VodBurner Video Call Recorder, a free app that captures high-quality recordings of Skype video chats and lets users edit them using a built-in production console.

Naturally, Qik, the mobile video app Skype acquired earlier this year, is included as a “featured” app in the directory. Qik is not offered as an add-on to Skype, but rather its listing links off to the iTunes App Store where users can download it for iOS.

Other popular apps include InnerPass Screen Sharing and Zaplee, a cloud-based phone system for businesses that forwards Skype calls to phones, routes calls and handles voicemail.

Developers who use Skype’s API to build applications can submit them by generating an XML file of their content, hosting it somewhere and sending Skype a link to it for consideration.

What third party apps would you like to see in the Skype app directory?   Give me your wish list in the comments.

Original Article By: John Paul Titlow
Posted By: Jeff Pulvino


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