October 26, 2011 / by Jeff

Social Media: Step-by-Step

Ever read the back of a shampoo bottle? “For best results, lather, rinse, and repeat.” Lather, rinse, and repeat. One could say the same thing for social media. Companies that are transitioning from paper to paper-less marketing realize that there is a multitude of ways to benefit from online advertising and they involve three easy steps.

Lather: To begin, information about a company should always be circulating and spreading using various launching social sites that are available. By accumulating a good profile on your company, this marketing strategy reaches out to, introduces, and connects with a mass of new customers, whether the targets are young or old. When gathering interest for these moneymakers, the company’s profitability increases simply by exposure and word-to-text processing. Social networks expose companies and introduce their possibilities to potential buyers in the most widespread way available. The Internet, with bloggers, articles, and news sites as well, is the perfect tool to do this, simply because the company’s information stretches outside its limited range, soaking up all the new customers and comparing other business strategies.

Rinse: After recognizing the need for online marketing and widening their network to the Internet, businesses, whether corporate or small-time, need to then target their specific audiences. Now, by cleansing the general aspects of the company and narrowing the marketing strategy, their clientele search can pull in more relevant customers, who are in need of what the companies provide. Bloggers who report on specific businesses using certain sites can have a limited amount of exposure to the masses, but if the companies know where to look, they can use bloggers to target their audiences and also increase their own authenticity, eliminating any doubt to their possible clientele.

Honesty is the best policy. Although companies want to control what is on the Internet in order to produce a better market, they can also use any critique from either customers or rival businesses, to improve their overall performance and increase profitability. On the BlogCritics Business site, an article describes the importance of companies listening to what’s on the Internet about them. Feedback from clientele is precious when a new or old company tries to walk down different avenues in their market. Therefore, it is increasingly important for businesses to take what their customers give, and show that they are being listened to, by acknowledging whatever problems are mentioned and adapting accordingly.

Repeat: Companies are always changing, either through their marketing strategy, their product, or their audience. Because of this, it is always necessary for companies to be both consistent and up-to-date on the Internet. We live in an ADD, immediate gratification age, one of the side effects of having the entire world of information at our fingertips. If a company is out-of-date even after joining the Internet’s ever-growing sphere, it promotes a certain lack of attention to the mass circulation of information, or clientele that exist there. To quote Mad-Eye Moody from the famous Harry Potter series (for those of you who have children), “Constant Vigilance!” should be the motto of companies whose marketing strategies promote social media on the Web. Reinforcement of the good qualities of a company and acknowledgement of any faults leads to an overall increase in profitability and a boost in the validity of the company, resulting in an altogether better business standard.

Original Article By: Alexandra Gurnee
Posted By: Jeff Pulvino


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