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How To Use Google+ To Boost Your SEO

Though not everyone has quite jumped on the Google+ bandwagon yet, reports are showing that the service is experiencing significant growth, with its traffic increasing by more than 55 percent in December 2011. Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to become more familiar with the functions of Google+ and its potential benefit […]

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30 Reasons to Start a Blog for your Online Business

Blogs are a powerful way of increasing traffic and profits for your online business.  When done correctly, they can help you get close to your customers, promote your brand and do wonders to your bottom line. While working on an article on how to create a blog for an online business, I brainstormed reasons why a […]

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Using a Pre-Launch Checklist for your Website is a Must

Accounting for every aspect of a new website isn’t easy, especially at the last minute. The problems aren’t the details themselves, but rather the process of making sure that seemingly minor details don’t add up to sloppy work. The best solution is to write it all down. The worst solution is to not take a pre-launch checklist as seriously […]

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Corporates Get Vocal As Google Goes Social!

The launch of Google+1 by the planet’s biggest search engine, hereby, declares the age of search and social is officially open! What’s important now is not only to ‘do SEO’ but also to ‘say hello’. The word on cyberstreet is that SEO has become social engine optimisation. To ‘like’ is as important as to ‘link’ […]

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