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Though not everyone has quite jumped on the Google+ bandwagon yet, reports are showing that the service is experiencing significant growth, with its traffic increasing by more than 55 percent in December 2011. Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to become more familiar with the functions of Google+ and its potential benefit […]

  While many of the tips on blog resource sites concentrate on “personal blogging”, many can be transferred to a more business-minded blog. Yet what about corporate blogs, where many of the tips given might not apply, or come up against everyone’s favourite, the Red Tape Roadblock? Can generic tips apply to more organizational blogs? […]

Pinterest seems to be the hottest new network recently, with social media types spouting their advice on how to use it all over the internet. We’ve taken a moment to look at how it can be used by brands on the platform. Pinterest for Brands is a special membership feature that allows users to advertise […]

With so many channels available to listen and explore right from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to YouTube to Tumblr to … getting data about your competition has never been simpler. However, converting the data to real Competitive Intelligence remains a challenge. LinkedIn is one such place where phenomenal amount of data is available about […]

Article Writen By: Stanford Smith Wow, looks like Slideshare is stepping up to the big leagues. Posting your PowerPoint presentations online my be a great way to leverage social media, and get your companies products and services exposed and noticed. Today, I perused a nifty infographic that tallies up some impressive stats for the powerpoint […]

                            We have a lot to be thankful for not the least of which is YOU, my friends, followers, members and readers. I want to let each of you know I am thankful for all of you that shares and contributes to my […]