November 3, 2011 / by Jeff

The Corporate Battle over Facebook Likes!


I read an article yesterday in which another blogger was depicting a story about one of his larger clients. “A famous consumer product”, as he described, was obsessed with making sure that their company Facebook page had more likes than any of their competitors. He went on to describe how this company had only 2 metrics they tracked to measure the success of their social media campaign on Facebook: 1) Did their brand have more likes than their competition, and 2) What was their acquisition cost per like, or how much did each like cost them.

Initially, I was in shock that a leading brand would have such a “unique” view of how to adequately measure the success of their marketing campaign on Facebook, but soon realized that even though I do not represent any major brands (yet!), that this wasn’t too different than some of the experiences I have had with my clients.

From very early on I learned that most of my clients were obsessed with how many likes they had, and how I could help them increase that number. I have always preached that it’s not the number of likes they had, but rather the quality of likes they had. It was about their engagement, and quality of interaction with their likes. Could I have been wrong? I was trying to see things from this company’s perspective. They are smart, right? A major brand, dealing with major competition…could they be on to something I missed?

I now find myself trying to see things from their perspective. I guess I would have to agree that there has to be some financial value that can be placed to having a higher number of likes, but I would also stand firm in my tried and true approach to quality is better then quantity.

This battle over Facebook likes is interesting to me, and I am going to have to do some more research and consider changing my approach. What do you think? Does your company or marketing firm focus more on number of likes vs. content? Do you equate your “likes” to your brand’s exposure or loyalty? I would love to hear your feedback!

Written and Posted By: Jeff Pulvino Social Media Consultant in Sacramento, CA


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