August 22, 2011 / by Jeff

Top 10 Tips: Target Your Niche in Social Media

As you participate in the Social Media revolution, you will find it important to focus on the quality of your audience. Having thousands of followers or fans might not mean much – unless you are targeting your specific niche in Social Media.

But with millions of users trying to do the same thing, how is this possible?

Top 10 Tips:
Target Your Niche in Social Media

There’s power in the niche. Finding the core of your targeted audience will yield higher rewards and payoff. The following tips will help you target your niche audience:

  1. Followers: number one: find the followers that are key to your market. (On Twitter, see who is using hashtags most often. On Facebook, you might have to friend some people in your industry. On LinkedIn, participate in industry groups. Etc.)
  2. Following: follow people key in your market – many times they follow/friend you back
  3. Tagging: most platforms allow tags or categories for querying – choose them wisely!
  4. Associate: connect to industry associations in your niche, and interact  with them
  5. Links: make links in your online community cyclical (keep audience in your social media)
  6. Engage: find ways to engage with leaders already in your niche market
  7. Innovate: do something different (yet applicable) to your target audience to stand out
  8. Participate: in online discussions that are pertinent to your niche market
  9. Respond: to content your clients and colleagues are posting
  10. Publish: get published online with trade journals and magazines in your niche market

These tips are just the beginning of how to better target your niche audience in Social Media. Finding an audience that is highly relative is key – and then it is critical to engage with them! The masses of followers and friends might not get you the traction you need. Be calculated in the activity and relationships in your Social Media program and the results will be exponential.

Original Article By: Taryn Erickson

Posted By: Jeff Pulvino


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