November 8, 2011 / by Jeff

Why Google+ Business Pages Could Overwhelm Facebook Fan Pages

Google just launched Google+ for brands and businesses. The much-anticipated release of Google+ pages for brands has been discussed for months and how it might be better than Facebook fan pages for businesses, celebrities, and organizations. From your local laundry shop to that pizza restaurant downtown, Google+ Pages will help users connect by establishing a firm relationship between merchants and customers.

Aside from enhancing local businesses, Google+ Pages will help people connect with their favorite sports teams, news organizations, and games like Angry Birds, Fox News, and Chicago Bulls. Google+ brand pages will carry a tiny square icon that suggests that it’s a Page instead of an ordinary Google+ profile. Google+ Pages are now available worldwide to all international and local brands. But can Google+ Pages measure up against Facebook’s Pages?

I’ve compiled a list on how could Google+ Brand Pages trample Facebook Fan Pages:

Search Engines Enhance Social Networks

It’s not everyday that a search engine builds a social network. Google+ Pages will have the edge in terms of SEO. As Google supercharges its ranking algorithm, expect Google+ Pages to be on the top of the SERPs. But Google is all about social business and not just social networking. If you want to bring relatives and friends together then you build a social network, BUT if you want to entice customers then you establish a social network backed up by the world’s largest search engine!

Enhanced Local SEO

It’s obvious that local businesses can leverage social media more than a multi-national brand does. And as Google makes its search algorithm more “regionalized”, there’s a great opportunity for local merchants to be noticed by customers. If you type “pizza” the best pizza restaurant located downtown will be on the top 5 results. Google+ Pages will enhance how local business owners do their SEO and it will be more convenient for them.

Instantized Content

People don’t really backread their feeds on Facebook just to read news. They search for it! and having a newsfeed ticker on the side doesn’t really quench their thirst for content. Users want instant content! Google+ Brand Pages are connected directly to the SERPs. The good thing about it is that Google just tweaked it’s search algorithm to provide relevant and fresh results about trending news and recurring events. Aside from that Google+ makes use of hashtags already that whenever clicked it yields search results of the topic.

Google Offers and Google Places

Facebook Deals and Facebook Places are now irrelevant. Google Offers are gradually making it’s way through local merchants in every key city in the country. With Google+ Pages, businesses can easily offer deals and discounts to loyal patrons and potential customers. Aside from that, customers can easily know where a store is located with the help of Google Places. I’m looking forward on how Google+ Brand Pages will be integrated with Google Wallet as well. It also helps that Android users are increasing and we all know that Google puts a premium on mobile usage.

The Game Changer: Direct Connect

We live in a world of instant connection. Some people use Google more than their toothbrush. Users are always researching for products, services, and brands. Google’s Direct Connect feature will turn every query into meaningful relationships for customers and merchants. When searching for a brand, simply add a [+] to a brand or celebrity so Google can show a brand’s Google+ Page. Google+ Pages for Businesses is significant for Google+. Google is the most-used search engine in the planet and owns majority of searches. Google+ is not only connecting a person to another, Google+ now shows the value of connecting customers and businesses.

Article written by: Mac Ocampo via Social Media Today

Posted By: Jeff Pulvino, Social Media Manager and Consultant in Sacramento, CA


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